For Anchoring Threaded Rods & Rebar


VF200PRO is a versatile high-strength, two-part vinylester resin. It is designed to anchor threaded rods & rebar in concrete for very high loads and critical fastenings. This product features a high chemical resistance, useful in corrosive environments (ACI 355.4) and critical and overhead fixings. It can also be used in dry concrete or water-saturated concrete. A mixing nozzle comes with each tube of epoxy.


The VF200PRO Adhesive Anchor compound is a two-component (resin and hardener) adhesive that is fast curing, making it an exceptionally versatile chemical anchor. Similar to the VF22PRO+, the new VF200PRO is the perfect epoxy to anchor threaded rod & rebar, now with even more approvals.




  • Suspending/Hanging Duct Work, Pipe or Drop Ceiling
  • Installation into Concrete with Low Integrity
  • Marine/close to water fastening
  • Reinforcing bars in new construction work
  • Used to resist static, wind and earthquake tension and shear loads in cracked and un cracked concrete.
  • Overhead Applications into Terracotta, Cider-Crete, Ash-Crete.

Key Benefits

  • Suitable Underwater
  • Rated for Seismic Loads A-F
  • Low VOC Compliant
  • Fast Cure Times
  • Post Installed Concrete Applications


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