Threaded Rods can be used in the same way as metal studs. They are used in a variety of applications to fasten and support wood, metal and concrete structures. Our Stainless steel Rods are either Type 304 | 18-8 or A193/F593 Standard. This ensures that rods maintain their anti corrosion and mechanical capabilities. They are ideal for use in high moisture environments and coastal areas. They are also used in the food industry due to hygienic capabilities.

Item Code Size Carton Qty
TRS04-06 1/4-20 X 6 15
TRS05-06 5/16-18 X 6 10
TRS06-06 3/8-16 X 6 10
TRS08-06 1/2-13 X 6 6
TRS10-06 5/8-11 X 6 4
TRS12-06 3/4-10 X 6 3