The ×-Cloth 630 series is ideal for sanding hard wood. The very strong X cotton cloth backing provides excellent durability and the close coating of the Aluminium Oxide grains performs excellently during sanding of wooden surfaces. It can also be converted to belts.

Aluminium Oxide (ALOX)

• Universal grain for many different
applications and surfaces.
• The perfect combination of toughness
and hardness.
• An ideal abrasive for sanding and

 457MM X 75MM

( 3 x 18″)

 535MM X 75MM

( 3 x 21″)

P40 630T0750457040 630T0750535040
P60 630T0750457060 630T0750535060
P80 630T0750457080 630T0750535080
P100 630T0750535100
P120 630T0750535120
 610MM X 75MM

( 3 x 24″)

 610MM X 100MM

( 4 x 24″)

P40 630T0750610040 630T1000610040
P60 630T0750610060 630T1000610060
P80 630T0750610080 630T1000610080
P100 630T0750610100 630T1000610100
P120 630T0750610120 630T1000610120

Application: Wood
Grain: Blue fired aluminium oxide (ALOX)
Backing: X-wt strong cotton cloth
Bonding: Resin over resin
Coating: Close