The 330 series offers high quality heavyweight abrasive papers, highly recommended for all kinds of hard wood sanding and grinding. All kinds of furniture, wooden floor, and other hard wood products can be sanded with 330 series.

The heavy-weight antistatic paper prevents clogging during sanding, and it is suitable for more demanding treatment, where applied working force is very high.

The Blue Fired Aluminium Oxide grains provide outstanding performance and high cutting rates, with excellent finishing results.


Aluminium Oxide (ALOX)

• Universal grain for many different applications and surfaces.
• The perfect combination of toughness and hardness.
• An ideal abrasive for sanding and finishing.


Combine it with 965 Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander


Velour Discs 125mm(5″)   8 Holes
No Pcs/Box Boxes/Carton Item No
P40 50 12 330428040
P60 50 12 330428060
P80 50 12 330428080
P100 50 12 330428100
P120 100 12 330428120
P150 100 12 330428150
P180 100 12 330428180


Application: Wood
Grain: Blue fired aluminium oxide (ALOX)
Backing: E-wt, F-wt special paper
Bonding: Resin over resin
Coating: Semi close