Stover lock nuts are a revolutionary design of lock nuts that are fully metal and can withstand severe shock loads and extreme vibration. They cannot be unscrewed after tightening. These torque nuts have the same appearance as a normal Hex Nut but with a cone shaped top. Instead of the nylon insert of regular lock nuts, Stover lock nuts have contorted top threads which cut into the threading off the bolt when tightened.


Item Code Size Box QTY
LNAMC04 1/4-20. 100
LNAMC05 5/16. 100
LNAMC06 3/8-16. 100
LNAMC08 1/2-13. 100
LNAMC09 9/16-12. 50
LNAMC10 5/8-11. 50
LNAMC12 3/4-10. 50